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  • Choose option 1 If you are NEW-- just starting as a provider
  • Choose option 2 If you are already providing services and need annual training
  • Choose option 3 If you only need MUI and Rights training
  • Choose option 4 If you only need Behavior Support, Principles of Positive Intervention Culture, and Self-Determination
  • Choose option 5 If you need Medication Administration 2 Hour Renewal
  • Choose option 6 If you need Medication Administration 2 Hour Renewal
  • Choose option 7 If you need Day Array Orientation
  • Choose option 8 If you need Day Array First Year Training
Required Eight Hour Training for
NEW DD Providers (8hrs)

REQUIRED TRAINING FOR NEW WAIVER PROVIDERS. Completion of training is required prior to conducting billable Waiver Services. Meets required training for new waiver providers per DODD Provider Certification Rule 5123:2-2-01.Including roles and responsibilities of providers with regard to services including person-centered planning, community integration, self-determination, and self-advocacy.

Annual Renewal Training for Current Providers (10hrs)

(NEW Content) Roles and responsibilities of providers with regard to services including person-centered planning, community integration, self-determination, and self-advocacy. Behavior Support, Principles of Positive Intervention Culture; Individual Rights/Major Unusual Incidents; Health & Safety Reviews w/ Universal Precautions, Weather & Fire Safety; Best Practices & includes handout. Meets DODD annual training rule requirements.

Individual Rights and Major Unusual Incidents (MUI /UI) (3 hrs)

Includes provisions governing rights of individuals in sections 5123.62 to 5123.64 of the Revised Code & requirements of rule 5123:2-17-02 of the Administrative Code addressing major unusual incidents & unusual incidents to ensure health, welfare & continuous quality improvement. Meets DODD rule requirements.

Homemaker Personal Care (HPC) Renewal (5 hrs)

CONTAINS THREE TOPICS ONLY. Content includes Behavior Support, Principles of Positive Intervention Culture, and Self-Determination.

HPC renewal hours require this content AND Individual Rights/ Major Unusual Incidents.

Medication Administration Renewal Person-Centered Wellness (2 hrs)

2 Hour Renewal Course for Medication Administration: Person-Centered Wellness Certification 1
Course requirement listed in DODD rule # 5123:2-6-06 (C) (7) (a).

Medication Administration Certification 1 Renewal (2 hrs)

Two Hour Renewal Course for Medication Administration Certification 1
Contributing Author Julia Ostrout, R.N.

Orientation required in the first 90 days, per rules 5123:2-9-17 (ADS) & 5123: 2-9-14 (8 hrs)

Agency Structure and Ethics, Components of Quality Care, Health/Safety, Positive Behavior Support, Service Definitions for ADS and Voc Hab

Day Array Services First Year Training (8 hours)

Content includes, Per rules 5123:2-9-17 and 5123: 2-9-14: Mentor Pairing Guidelines, Individual Specific Training, Skill Building in Adult Day Support and Vocational Habilitation Components, and Self-Determination.

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Ohio DODD New Provider Certification Requirements

New course content available now!
Compliant with DODD's Provider Certification Rule 5123-2-2-01 (Effective October 1, 2015)
Click here for new DODD requirements

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Contributing Authors

  • Debra K Shumard, M.A., CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) Director of Beyond Our Boundaries, Adult Day Support Provider
  • Haley Burress, Master of Science in Recreation Administration, with Recreation Therapy Emphasis

Customer Testimonials

Just a few words about how happy Havar Inc. is with the service you provide. We have used your ODODD 8 Hour Orientation course online now for over a year. I'd have to guess that more than 60 of our co-workers have completed the course successfully. As the IT Supports Manager I help them to register. As long as the person has the basic web browsing skills to use email and recreational Internet they have been able to complete the course without any further assistance.

The course itself has evolved in that time too. You have kept it up to date and added important multimedia and interactivity to increase its effectiveness.

We also appreciate having an agency account with a PO code and direct billing to help us track the expense.

Thanks again for the personal attention you gave us when we first started using ceucertificates.com

I have recommended you to several associates and will continue to do so.

-Dave Milliken

As a small organization, having access to the high quality online training CEU Certificates provides is critical. New staff are able to train for the position at their own pace and they always comment that the information in the classes is informative and helpful as they begin working with the individuals in our day program. Staff renewing their credentials are also able to do so at their own pace and we are able to keep the program open during the day hours, which is critical for our participants and many of their caregivers who rely on us while they are at work.

In addition, the classes clearly define the DODD rules and regulations they satisfy, making this part of our compliance review very smooth.

Thank you so much for this valuable resource!

Betsey Zenk Nuseibeh, MEd, MM, MT-BC, NMT

-Melodic Connections, Executive Director

Ceucertificates offers our agency an efficient, user-friendly training option that is easy for our staff to navigate. It streamlines our training process!

-Ashly Parsons, Program Coordinator, Independent Pathways