Medication Administration Renewal (2 hrs) (2014)

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Medication Administration Continuing Education Renewal

This is the renewal course.  You must also have a nurse register your renewal with DODD.
CeuCertificates does not register your renewal with DODD.

Developed by Julia Ostrout, RN, MSN, RN Founder and former owner of DD Nursing Consultants, LLC


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Course Description

This two part course is the renewal course for Medication Administration Certification 1; not the original course. Approved by Ohio Department of Developmental Disability; approval number prints on certificate for each section.  APPROVAL NUMBER GOOD FOR PAYING CUSTOMER ONLY.

Course Title:

Part 1     Medication Administration:  Reduce Errors

Part 2     Strategies for Success:  Preventing Medication                   Errors

PLEASE NOTE: Discounts available to agencies purchasing this course for more than 20 employees.  Contact us for more info

 *You must also complete a return demonstration of medication with a nurse who can register your renewal with the Department of Developmental disabilities.



Course Rationale

(7) Renewal of certification

(a) To maintain certification in the prescribed medication administration and health-related activities training program, trained MR/DD personnel shall complete at a minimum two hours of continuing education annually that relate to the information taught in the prescribed medication administration and health related activities training program or that will enhance the role of MR/DD personnel who have completed the prescribed medication administration and health-related activities training program.

DD personnel shall provide documentation of such hours to the certified registered nurse trainer. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), universal precautions, and first aid training shall not make up any part of these two hours. (b) If the minimum two hours of continuing education are not completed by the annual anniversary date of certification, the MR/DD personnel's certification shall be temporarily suspended for a maximum period of sixty days, during which time the required continuing education shall be completed, and during which time the MR/DD personnel may not administer prescribed medication or perform health-related activities. If the required continuing education is not completed within this sixty-day-period, the MR/DD personnel's certification will be revoked, and the MR/DD personnel shall be required to retake the course in prescribed medication administration and health-related activities in total to become recertified.  DD rule 5123:-2-6-06

Course Goals and Objectives (Learning Outcomes)

  • Review the 6 Rights of Medication Administration
  • Identify common causes of medication errors and ways to prevent errors
  • Review the most commonly used routes of medication administration
  • Identify the 3 documents required for administering medication.
  • Identify 7 things that a medication certified staff must know about a medication prior to administering medication.
  • Identify 5 things that a medication certified staff must know about a client prior to administering medication to the client.   
  • Describe the “Rule of Three” in medication administration.  
  • Review the steps of the medication administration procedure.
  • Describe universal precautions.
  • Identify a medication error and how to report an error



Course Instructor

Julia Ostrout Registered Nurse
RN Founder and Former Owner DD Nursing Consultants
Masters of Science in Nursing from The University of Akron

Target Audience

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Therapist (CTRS),           
Professionals serving with adults with DD

Course Educational Level

This course is for DD professionals including but not limited to Direct Care Residential or Day Services, County Board Adult Services, Vocational Staff, Supported Employment, Supported Living, and Recreational Staff.

Course Prerequisites

Medication Administration Certification I

Criteria for issuance of Continuing Education Credits (CERTIFICATE)

The standard completion time for home-based self-study courses for .1CEU is approximately fifty minutes. Please confirm fifty minutes of study in the evaluation.  A documented score of 70% or greater on the written post-test warrants the completion certificate.

Continuing Education Credits

Two (2) hour of continuing education credit
 (2 contact hour)

Please note:

*You must also complete a return demonstration of medication with a nurse who can register your renewal with the Department of Developmental Disabilities.



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