Getting the Off-Track Employee Back on Track (3 hours) (2024)


May be applied toward Agency Director of Operations (DOO) annual training, CEOs, supervisors, team leads; SSA managers, if pre-approved by their own county board of DD. (3 hours)

Section 1: Start with the Basics: Clarify Team Roles

  • The supervisor’s role
  • The employee’s role
  • The best way to communicate performance to employees

Section 2: General ‘Types’ of Employees Who Regularly Go Off-Track

  • The employee who tries but isn't performing
  • Low work effort employee
  • The dependent employee
  • The unfocused employee
  • The oppositional employee
  • The dramatic employee

Section 3: Deal with it: Getting the Off-Track Employee Back on Track

  • Self-assessment – reasons for delaying giving feedback
  • Avoid common supervisor traps

Section 4: Preparing for the Conversation with the Off-Track Employee

  • Four things to clarify in your own mind before addressing the concerns with the employee
  • Describe favorite teacher or supervisor characteristics
  • The corrective feedback discussion

Section 5: Two Different Constructive Feedback Conversation Options

  • The “telling” conversation
  • Avoid rabbit holes with the broken record technique
  • The “asking” conversation
    Getting the Off-Track Employee Back on Track  (3 hours) (2024)
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