Setting Goals that Unite the Team Toward a Common Purpose (3 hours) (2024)


Training for Agency CEOs, DOOs, Licensed Home Administrators, Program Directors, Front Line Supervisors, and Team Leaders; may be applicable also for SSA managers, if pre-approved by their own county board of DD. (3 hours)

Section 1: Mission-Oriented Goal Setting

  • Planning or reacting?
  • Six Steps to Setting Team Goals Overview.
  • Goal Setting Needs to Cascade from a Mission.
  • The Team’s Mission Flows from the Agency’s Mission.
  • Orient to where the team is now in achieving the mission and develop goals to get there.
  • Team goals cascade from the mission of the team.
  • Create Buy-in: Involve the team in mission development and goal setting.
  • Each employee’s goals cascade from the goals of the team.

Section 2: Clarifying Goals and Their Context

  • Supervisors must clarify for themselves why the team exists and its purpose.
  • Orient team members to their parts in achieving the mission – the higher purpose.

Section 3: Writing Goals Down and Meeting to Discuss Them Regularly

  • Use a written document to guide goal setting.
  • Team and employee goals should be reviewed frequently by the team.
  • Discuss, review, and adjust goals in regular team meetings as well as in individual employee mentor meetings.
  • Team meetings need to occur at least monthly.
  • ‘Task oriented’ vs ‘goal oriented’ team meetings.
  • Team meetings drive mission and goal orientation.
  • Monthly check-ins with each employee. (Mentor meetings).
  • Focus on goal setting should be achievement of the mission with less emphasis on deficit-based goal setting.

Section 4: Encouraging the Employee to Self-Report

  • Encourage the employee to self-reflect and report to supervisor.
    • Supervisors should listen and question more than talk.
  • Supervisor’s tone in mentor meetings needs to be encouraging and supportive.
  • Focus is on developing the abilities of employees to self-evaluate, self-report, and think and plan critically.

Section 5: Reflect and Refer to the Mission in Many Places

  • The mission, goals, and standards of the agency should be a recurring theme in multiple places and discussions.
     Setting Goals that Unite the Team Toward a Common Purpose (3 hours) (2024)
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