Condensed one hour course for provisional staff working as DSPs (2020)


This course is designed for new staff. DODD's typical requirement for onboarding new staff is for an eight hour course, listed on our site as option 1.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and staffing crisis, the training requirements for onboarding have been temporarily relaxed.

This training is for new staff who are being hired under temporary regulations.

Providers must ensure that newly hired or reassigned staff have condensed training to recognize and report major unusual incidents (MUIs) and unusual incidents (UIs), as well as universal precautions. The training must include, at minimum, the definitions of MUIs and UIs and the agency’s procedures for reporting.


  • Review of the following:
    • Individual specific training and intro to Individual service plan
  • Recognizing:
    • Major Unusual Incidents (MUI) and Unusual Incidents (UI)
    • Learn definitions and categories of Major Unusual Incidents (MUI).
    • Learn the difference between MUI and UI (Unusual Incident).
  • Response and Reporting:
    • Major Unusual Incidents/Unusual Incidents
    • Reporting responsibilities, timelines, and report forms.
  • Reinforcing:
    • Universal Precautions; Hand hygiene, PPE, Bloodborne pathogens
    • Fire safety
    • Weather safety
    Condensed one hour course for provisional staff working as DSPs (2020)
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