HPC Annual Training (5 hrs) (2018)


Homemaker Personal Care (HPC) Annual Training

Option 4 Outline

5 contact hours

This course contains the following requirements for annual training for providers of Home Maker Personal Care (HPC) services in Ohio:

Chapter 1: Principles of Positive Intervention Culture; What Matters to and for the Person; Use of Person-First Language

  • Definitions of Positive Intervention Culture and how it changes our view of individuals with disabilities
  • What is Important to/for the Person
  • Review of the importance of person-first language as used by professionals working with individuals with disabilities

Chapter 2: The Provider’s Roles and Responsibilities in Person-Centered Planning, Community Integration, Self-Determination, and Self-Advocacy

  • Elements of Person-centered planning and application of use for providers
  • Review of DODD’s 5 principles of Person-centered philosophy
  • Application of community integration in various settings: employment, residential, recreation
  • Definition of self-determination as relates to individuals with disabilities
  • Case stories of self-advocacy and self-determination
  • Methods of assisting individuals to develop self-advocacy skills, to exercise civil rights, and to exercise control and responsibility over services he or she receives

Chapter 3: The Provider’s Role in Behavior Support

  • The requirements relative to the provider’s role in providing behavior support to the individuals he or she serves
  • Documentation requirements for behavior support
  • Examples of positive supports
  • Behavior support strategies that include restrictive measures

Please note: The other two required content areas, covering Rights of Individuals, and Rule #5123:2-17-02, (MUI/UI) are covered in a separate course on the website Ceucertificates.com.