Rights of Individuals and Major Unusual Incidents (MUI/UI) (3 hrs) (2018)


Option 3 Outline

3 contact hours

Chapter 1: Rights of Individuals

The provisions governing rights of individuals set forth in sections 5123.62 to 5123.64 of the Ohio Revised Code

  1. Review of each right as written in statute
  2. Examples that demonstrate how the rights are exercised in the everyday life of a person with a development disability, with emphasis on the following:
    • Dignity and Respect
    • Principles of the Positive Culture Initiative
    • Privacy
    • Decision Making
    • Principles of Self-Determination
    • Consent for services and treatment
    • Advocacy – relationship to guardians and personal representatives
    • Financial Management – relationship to payees
    • Confidentiality

Chapter 2: Major Unusual Incidents / Unusual Incidents

The requirements of Rule 5123:2-17-02 of the Administrative Code Relating to Addressing Major Unusual Incidents and Unusual Incidents to Ensure Health, Welfare and Continuous Quality Improvement

  • Categories of Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs)
  • Reporting responsibilities – MUI, Unusual Incident (UI), Trends and patterns
  • Immediate Response
  • Prevention Plans
  • Role of Investigative Agent
  • Abuser Registry
  • Requirements to review DODD Health and Welfare Alerts