First Year Training: ADS, Career Planning, Group & Individual Employment, Voc Hab (8 hours) (2018)


Option 8 outline

8 Contact Hours

Chapter 1: Mentor/Protégé guidelines

  • Identify mentor responsibilities
  • Clarify protégé responsibilities
  • List tasks a mentor can teach
  • Review the values of mentor relationship

Chapter 2: Individual specific training

  • Identify skill development goals, service/support activities, behavior support plan, planned interventions, & related documentation requirements
  • Clarify individual's preferences, strengths, diagnoses, related needs; care needs
  • List nutrition, diet, mealtime support, restroom assistance, mobility needs, lifting, and general supervision/support requirements
  • Review of medication administration, teaching techniques, managing of individual's funds, and related documentation requirements

Chapter 3: Skill building

  • Adult Day Support
    • Identify necessary activities and environments that build on the individual's strengths
    • Foster the development of skills that lead to greater independence, community membership, relationship-building, and self-direction.
    • Develop natural supports
  • Career Planning, Group Employment Support, Individual Employment Support, and Vocational Habilitation
    • Advancement on the path to community employment
    • Foster the development of skills necessary for competitive integrated employment
    • Assistance in seeking advancement if currently employed

Chapter 4: Self-Determination

  • Identify methods of assisting individuals to develop self- advocacy skills, exercise civil rights
  • Clarify how to exercise choices regarding services received
  • List ways to facilitate building skills that enable the individual to become more independent
  • Review methods to generalize skills to become productive and integrated within the community.