First 90 Days Training: ADS, Career Planning, Group/Individual Employment, Voc Hab (8 hours) (2018)


Option 7 Outline: 8 Contact Hours

Chapter 1: Organizational Background of Agency Provider

  • Review the specific mission, vision, principles and goals of the employing agency
  • Review organizational structure, key policies, procedures, and work rules of the employing agency
  • Identify ethical and professional conduct and practice
  • Examine conflicts of interest and how to avoid those
  • Review working effectively with individuals, families, and other team members

Chapter 2: Components of Quality Care for Individuals Served

  • Examine interpersonal relationships and trust
  • Review cultural and personal sensitivity
  • Identify use of effective communication
  • Identify person-centered philosophy and practice
  • Review direct care staff's role in development of individual service plans (ISP)
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of team members
  • Review record-keeping, progress notes, incident/accident reports

Chapter 3: Health and Safety

  • Review signs and symptoms of illness or injury and procedure for response
  • Identify building/site specific emergency response plans
  • Identify program-specific transportation safety

Chapter 4: Positive Behavior Support

  • Clarify principles of positive intervention culture
  • Clarify role of direct service staff in creating a positive culture
  • List and review general direct care staff requirements for behavior support plans, including intervention strategies and documentation
  • Review behavior support review and human rights committees
  • Identify crisis intervention techniques

Chapter 5: Definition of services that comprise the following:

  • Adult Day Support
  • Career Planning
  • Group Employment Support
  • Individual Employment Support
  • Vocational Habilitation

Contributing Authors

  • Debra K Shumard, M.A., CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) Director of Beyond Our Boundaries
  • Haley Burress, Master of Science in Recreation Administration, with Recreation Therapy Emphasis