First 90 Days Training: ADS, Career Planning, Group/Individual Employment, Voc Hab (8 hours) (2021)


Option 7 Outline

8 Contact Hours

Chapter 1: Organizational Background of Agency Provider

A. Review the specific mission, vision, principles and goals of the employing agency
B. Review organizational structure, key policies, procedures, and work rules of the employing agency
C. Identify ethical and professional conduct and practice
D. Examine conflicts of interest and how to avoid those
E. Review working effectively with individuals, families, and other team members

Chapter 2: Components of Quality Care for Individuals Served

A. Examine interpersonal relationships and trust
B. Review cultural and personal sensitivity
C. Identify use of effective communication
D. Identify person-centered philosophy and practice
E. Review direct care staff's role in development of individual service plans (ISP)
F. Clarify roles and responsibilities of team members
G. Review record-keeping, progress notes, incident/accident reports

Chapter 3: Health and Safety

A. Review signs and symptoms of illness or injury and procedure for response
B. Identify building/site specific emergency response plans
C. Identify program-specific transportation safety

Chapter 4: Positive Behavior Support

A. Clarify Principles of Positive Intervention Culture
B. Clarify role of direct service staff in creating a positive culture
C. List and review general direct care staff requirements for behavior support plans, including intervention strategies and documentation
D. Review behavior support review and human rights committees
E. Identify crisis intervention techniques

Chapter 5: Definition of services that comprise the following:

A. Adult Day Support
B. Career Planning
C. Group Employment Support
D. Individual Employment Support
E. Vocational Habilitation