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Required Eight Hour Training for NEW Staff or Providers (8hrs)

For new staff or independent providers (8 hours)
Overview of DD services; Individual service plan and outcomes; Service documentation;
Bill of Rights, Role of provider; NADSP code of ethics; Trauma-informed care; Restrictive
measures (5123-2-06); Health and safety; Universal Precautions; MUI/UI
(5123-17-02); Empathy-based care. Health and welfare alerts training.
Uses required DODD curriculum.
Additional learning activities: Person centered planning and provision of services;
Building empathy and understanding about the grief process.

Annual Training for Current Staff or Providers (8hrs)

Course Content: Two hours of DODD required curriculum in: Bill of Rights; NADSP code of ethics; Empathy-based care; Ohio ISP; Health & Safety (MUI/UI); Health & welfare alert training; Universal precautions. Six hours: Valued roles (Community integration and participation): Supporting people with dual diagnosis; Trauma-informed care; Positive behavioral strategies and restrictive measures; Person-centered planning and practice; Components of quality care: Interpersonal relationships and trust; Cultural competency; Effective communication; Building empathy and understanding in the grief process.

Orientation required in the first 30 days for: Adult Day Support; Career Planning; Group Employment Support; Individual Employment Support; & Vocational Habilitation. (8 hrs)

Required in the first 30 days for Adult Day Support; Career Planning; Group
Employment Support; Individual Employment Support; & Vocational Habilitation.
Ethical and Professional conduct and practice; Components of quality care; Mentor
Guidelines for agency, mentor and protégé’; Service Definitions for Adult Day Support,
Career Planning, Group Employment Support, Individual Employment Support, and
Vocational Habilitation, Health/Safety; Signs and symptoms of illness or injury; Procedure
for response; Emergency response plans; Transportation safety; Guidelines for Virtual

Day Array Services First Year Training (8 hours)

Mentor Pairing Guidelines; Skill Building in independence, community membership,
relationship-building and self-direction; Fostering development of skills leading to
competitive integrated employment; Developing natural supports; Self-Determination;
Skill building in provision of Adult Day Support, Career Planning, Individual Employment
Support, Group Employment Support, and Vocational Habilitation.

Contributing Authors

  • Debra K Shumard, M.A., CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) Director of Beyond Our Boundaries
  • Haley Burress, Master of Science in Recreation Administration, with Recreation Therapy Emphasis

Updates effective since 2022:
DODD’s Provider Certification rule has been updated.
New rules: 5123-2-09 for independent providers and 5123-2-08 for agencies.
These courses on our site are compliant with both Provider Certification rules, and contain the required components of DODD curriculum:
Required Training for New Staff and Providers (8 hours)
Annual Training for Current Staff and Providers (8 hours)

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